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2018 Holiday Workshop for Year 12 Students


The aim of these workshops is to provide the participating students with useful HSC exam skills, which may increase their possibilities of achieving a better HSC outcome. Taught by experienced HSC teachers, the workshops will consolidate and further build on the Japanese skills that the students have acquired through work completed at school up to June 2018.

When: Beginners - 9th and 10th July (4 skills, 2 day workshop)
Continuers - 9th and 10th July (4 skills, 2 day workshop)
Extension - 11th July (Speaking and Writing skills only, 1 day workshop)
09:00 - 15:30 (5 hours lesson each day for each course)
Venue: Macquarie University, North Ryde Campus
Nearest station; Macquarie University Station
Application due date: 8th June 2018.
This will be strictly adhered to as JTAN appoints teachers for the number of attending students per course/class. Please also note that the applications may close earlier when fully booked.
Payment due date: 15th June 2018.
Cost: $160.00 per student for Beginners or Continuers Course
$110.00 per student for Extension Course

Registration Process:

  • After submitting your school’s application, please fill in the Registration form (click here) and send the PDF to pobox6453@jtan.org.au by Friday, 8th June, 2018.
  • Please issue the following to your students: 1) Information sheet (click here), 2) Consent form (click here) and 3) the map of Macquarie University (click here). We ask you to post the original signed Consent forms to reach JTAN at PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060 by 9th June 2018. Please read through and explain the information sheet to your student/s.
  • Please note that JTAN will NOT provide a Risk Management Form on behalf of the Macquarie University.
  • We would like the teachers contribute their time to the workshop. If you can do so, please contact us at pobox6453@jtan.org.au as soon as possible.

Students with Physical Disability, Mental and/or Health Issues:

  • The utmost care will be taken to ensure the safety of any students who have physical disabilities.
  • JTAN will NOT be able to manage students with mental and/or health issues during workshops. If any of your students have such issues, please suggest to the student that they withdraw from the workshop as JTAN will NOT take any responsibility for any effect that our workshop may have on the student.
  • If you have a student with other special needs, please inform us in writing ASAP.

Cancellation, No attendance and Refund:

  • JTAN will refund the paid fee in full if a written cancellation notice is received via email by Monday, 9th June 2018. The email address is pobox6453@jtan.org.au. This rule will be strictly adhered to as JTAN appoints teachers according to the number of attending students per course/class. If a cancellation notice is received on or after 10th June 2018, we will forfeit 50% of the participation fee.
  • If a student does not attend the workshop without notice of cancellation, no refund will be given.
  • In the case that an unexpected event occurs on the day (e.g. compassionate case), our workshop coordinator should be contacted prior to the workshop. Their mobile phone number is 0425-217-898 (Megumi Mamone) or 0450-143-681 (Kentaro Otani), and then post your refund request with an explanation to PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060.
  • If non-attendance/no show is due to illness, we will organise a full refund as soon as we receive the original doctor’s certificate by post.

Methods of payment

Please refer to Join us tab, Methods of payment. The payment should be made by the teacher or by your school. Please do not let your student to send their fee directly to the bank accounts of JTAN.


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