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August 2009 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you had a restful and rejuvenating break and are ready for what is sure to be another busy and eventful term.

Year 12 Beginners Day

The Year 12 Beginners Day held at St Andrew's Cathedral School on Saturday 1st August was an extremely successful event. All students who attended the day were tested in a similar format to the HSC Oral Examination. Students were given immediate feedback about their performance and how they could improve for the HSC Oral Examination. Students thought the day was worthwhile and felt more confident in tackling the sometimes frightening speaking examination.

Students also completed a session on listening skills. During this session students completed practice listening questions. The focus of this session was training students how to utilise information from the spoken texts to support and justify their answers. This session also incorporated a section on interpreting questions correctly. This was done by revising and completing exercises using the Board of Studies' generic descriptive verbs.

In order to practise reading skills, students also completed a range of reading exercises that encouraged and enabled them to utilise higher order thinking skills.

JTAN would like to thank the participating teachers who gave up their Saturday and brought students to the day, while others volunteered their expertise to help out even though they did not have any students. The day would not have been successful without your generosity and we appreciate your assistance greatly.

JTAN would like to sincerely thank Miki Alves for running the day smoothly. Also, the day would not have been possible without Sharon Munro's generous offer of her school as the location for the day. We are extremely grateful to both of you for your assistance and expertise in ensuring that the day was successful and students were able to have the best possible learning experience on the day.

The Committee would also like to thank Leanne Smith for her tireless and extensive organisation of the day. Without Leanne's dedication the day would not have been as successful as it was. A HUGE thankyou from us all!

JTAN AGM and Technology Workshop

As you would be aware, JTAN's AGM and Technology Workshop will be held on 24th October 2009. The Technology Workshop promises to be an extremely useful personal development opportunity. We are sure that all attendees will leave the workshop with a much greater understanding of how to incorporate Information Communication Technologies in their teaching and learning programs.

JTAN's AGM will also be held on the day and we are excited to announce that attendees will have the opportunity to win a lucky door prize of a 'Return Flight to Japan and all relevant taxes'.

JTAN will also provide dinner for those attending members. We also have provisions for country members, so that ALL JTAN members have the opportunity to attend this worthwhile event.

Please be reminded that applications close on Friday 11th September 2009. An application and information form has been attached to this email for your convenience.

Expression of Interest - 2010 Committee Member

At the AGM we will vote for new committee members. JTAN encourages all members to consider becoming a committee member, as it is a most educational and rewarding experience. If you are interested in becoming a JTAN Committee Member in 2010, please send your expression of interest to JTAN's president, Leanne Smith at: Lovely_Smitty@hotmail.com

HSC Examination Dates

Below are the dates for the upcoming HSC Examinations for all Japanese courses.

Japanese Beginners

Oral Examination: Saturday 12th September
Written Examination: Tuesday 3rd November

Japanese Continuers

Oral Examination: Saturday 29th August
Written Examination: Thursday 29th October

Japanese Extension

Oral Examination: Saturday 5th September
Written Examination: Wednesday 11th November

Japanese Background Speakers

Written Examination: Wednesday 21st October


Thank you to Teruko Sharif for taking over the job as Secretary for 8 weeks during my unavoidable absence in WA. Especially I appreciate her giving up so much of her time during the holidays to deal with the late orders for exams, and with all the correspondence from those who had not checked before the end of Term to see if their exams had arrived, or thought that the CD's had not arrived in their schools.

Liz Sugimoto

2010 HSC Examination Committee - Expression of Interest

The Office of the Board of Studies invites applications from teachers and academics with appropriate experience and qualifications who wish to take part in the development of the 2010 Higher School Certificate examinations and School Certificate tests.

Setting or assessing HSC examinations or SC tests is rewarding and challenging professional development. It is an opportunity to further develop understanding of assessment techniques and to enhance skills in setting examinations.

For more information, see the following link: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/jobs/

JTAN Assessment Writing Workshop

JTAN is planning on holding a FREE in-service for beginner teachers on 5th December 2009. The focus will be classroom management skill, programming and register documents, assessment and class tests for Stages 4-5. Details and application forms for this in-service will be sent to members shortly.

Good luck with the upcoming Trial and Preliminary Examinations and we hope that the marking is not too painful for you all.

Aaron McLuckie
JTAN Communications Officer

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Past Newsletters