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February 2009 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

We hope you are having an enjoyable term and are sure that you are right back into the swing of things.

President's Message

It was lovely to meet up with teachers from the Nepean / Blue Mountains area at our Meet and Greet Session held at the Log Cabin. It was a great opportunity for us to become acquainted those who teach similar students, to share ideas and discuss our needs. I look forward to meeting a lot of you at the upcoming Japanese Conference and at JTAN's extension workshop.

Happy HSC Course Half Yearly Preparations!


JTAN Membership

Thank you to all those members who have sent their membership applications and examination orders to us. Those of you who yet to do so, could you please ensure that you are careful and clear when writing your email address on the application and order forms.

In order to process your applications as quickly as possible, we remind members that when they or their accounts department transfer funds electronically for membership fees, they identify where the money has come from. Would you also ensure that the membership application form is sent when payment is made? Some members have sent the pay remittance only, however, the completed application form is required before we can process your application.

We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Most of you would have already received the mail out package from JTAN that contains the membership forms, examination order forms and workshop details for 2009. JTAN asks that you pay particular attention to the amendments that have been made on pages 2 and 6. Attached to this email is an electronic version of the above mail out. If you have any further questions or enquires regarding the above, please don't hesitate to contact JTAN at enquire@jtan.org.au.

Changes to HSC Courses

The following changes have been made to the Japanese Continuers and Extension Courses, which will be first examined in the 2010 HSC.


Writing - There will be 2 questions (worth 5 and 10 marks) in the Writing section of the examination. There will be no choice for the 5 mark question, and a choice of two for the 10 mark question. Both tasks will require the same text type.


Speaking - There will be one monologue of 3 minutes, with a choice of 2 questions. This will replace the two 2 minute dialogues.

Written Paper - There are no changes in Section 1. In Section 2 there will be a choice of two tasks (currently the case) but both tasks will now require the same text type.

Listening - There will be no Listening in the internal assessment.

Extension Workshop

All members should now have received an application form for the Extension Workshop being held on 2nd May. Please note that the format of the workshop has changed due to the above HSC changes. Instead of creating a listening CD in session 3 of the workshop, as there will be no listening in the internal assessment from the 2010 HSC, we have decided to focus on creating sample questions and answers for the speaking and writing sections. If you have not received an application, I have attached one to this newsletter.

Upcoming Workshops

Below is a summary of the JTAN's other upcoming workshops.

Year 12 Continuers Day - Saturday 13th June

A morning or afternoon (2 sessions) for students, which will focus on listening and speaking skills.

Year 10 Day - Wednesday 1st July

This is a day for Year 10 students to participate in language and cultural activities to foster their appreciation of Japanese and to enhance their language skills.

Students will actively participate in listening, reading and speaking activities interacting with fellow Japanese students from other schools. They will also have an opportunity to gain information about Japanese at tertiary level and beyond. A cultural performance will be included.

Year 12 Beginners Day - Saturday 1st August

A morning or afternoon (2 sessions) for students, which will focus on speaking and reading skills.

Teaching Script

JTAN would like to thank Joanne Sgro, a Japanese Teacher from Western Australia for providing the following websites that are useful for teaching script.

Enjoy the rest of the term.

Aaron McLuckie
JTAN Communications Officer

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