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July 2009 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

As the term comes to an end and all reports and assessments are complete, we all deserve a well-earned rest. For those of you lucky to be off on travels enjoy and for those who aren't, enjoy a relaxing and recuperating rest.

Beginners Day - We need your help!

We are still looking for some wonderful, dedicated teachers who would be willing to work on the JTAN Beginners' Day. We have a large number of participants for the afternoon session, so we are looking for teachers who would be willing to run HSC style speaking conversations with the students. It will be held at St Andrew's Cathedral School, (near Town Hall station) from 12 pm to 4pm on Saturday 1st August 2009. Teachers who run conversations will be paid a very small honorarium for their time. If you can help out, please email Leanne at: Lovely_Smitty@hotmail.com

Extension Workshop

JTAN would like to thank all those who attended the Extension Workshop on 2nd May. All CDs have now been sent out to participating teachers. If you wrote one of the Speaking/Writing resources and are yet to receive your CD, can you please send an email to enquire@jtan.org.au.

Year 12 Continuers Day

The annual Year 12 Continuers Day was held at NSBHS on Saturday 13th June and it was a great success. All students who attended the day were tested in a similar format to the HSC Oral Examination. Students were given on-the-spot feedback about their performance and how they could improve for the HSC Oral Examination. Students thought the day was very worthwhile and felt more confident in tackling the sometimes frightening speaking examination.

JTAN would like to thank the participating teachers who gave up their Saturday and brought students to the Continuers Day, while others volunteered their expertise to help out even though they did not have any students. The day would not be successful without your generosity and we appreciate your assistance greatly.

The Committee would also like to thank Liz Sugimoto for her tireless and extensive organisation of the day. Without Liz's dedication the day would not have been as successful as it was. A HUGE thankyou from us all!

JTAN Exams and Embargo Dates - Please read carefully!!!

All JTAN examinations have now been dispatched. Teachers who have purchased JTAN examinations would agree that the JTAN examination kits are of the highest quality, reflecting the aims and objectives of the relevant syllabus documents. JTAN would like to sincerely thank the Examination Director, Naoko Henschke and her team for their tireless effort in producing such wonderful examination papers.

Please note that JTAN holds the copyright of all JTAN examination kits, whether it is a hard or soft copy, word documents or sound files. Schools who have purchased the examination kits may freely alter the content to suit their internal examination specifications. The examination kits are only to be used by the purchasing schools. Please respect the copyright and refrain from making pirated copies for other schools or teachers.

JTAN Examinations and Embargo Dates (continued)

Please be reminded that the Trial HSC Examination papers are embargoed until 31st August and the Preliminary Yearly Examination papers are embargoed until 28th September. It is of the utmost importance that the embargo rule is adhered to strictly so that the integrity of the exams can be maintained. Of course it is acceptable to discuss the examination papers with your students. However, please remember to collect the examination papers back after the discussion. Students are not allowed to keep the examination papers until after the embargo date.

JTAN does not sell its examination kits to coaching schools directly or via any third party. However, if teachers do not strictly adhere to the embargo dates, coaching schools may illegally obtain a copy of the examination from their students and so the confidentiality of the exams cannot be maintained. As you can imagine, one careless mistake can have a major disastrous impact on all schools that intend to use JTAN examination kits. Please be vigilant!

A limited number of JTAN Beginners Preliminary Yearly Exam, Beginners Trial HSC and Continuers Preliminary Yearly Exam CDs are still available, however there is a late charge of $50 per examination. If you haven't ordered examination papers and would like to, please complete the application form, which can be found on the JTAN homepage, www.jtan.org.au

AGM and Technology Workshop

Thank you to those members who replied to the AGM survey. We have tried to accommodate everyone's needs for this workshop. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you all and for all teachers to share the resources they produce. Japanese teachers are hard working, dedicated, motivated and very time poor! So come join our workshop, learn how to create your own ICT and IWB resources and how to share resources with others.

Please find attached the information and application form for this year's workshop and Annual General Meeting. Without an AGM there can be no JTAN, so if you appreciate all that JTAN does we urge you to attend, and join us for dinner afterwards.


Expression of Interest - 2010 Committee Member

At the AGM we will vote for new committee members. JTAN encourages all members to consider becoming a committee member, as it is a most educational and rewarding experience. If you are interested in becoming a JTAN Committee Member in 2010, please send your expression of interest to JTAN's president, Leanne Smith at: Lovely_Smitty@hotmail.com

Year 10 Day

On the 1st July, JTAN held the Year 10 Japanese Day at the University of Sydney. The day was a great success, with students leaving the day with much greater enthusiasm and motivation to continue their Japanese studies.

We were fortunate enough to have Associate Professor Elise Tipton and Dr Yasuko Claremont from the University of Sydney's Japanese Department and Angela O'Connell from the Japan Foundation to open the day. All 3 presenters gave interesting and informative talks based on Japanese language learning at tertiary level and the opportunities our students have to use their language skills outside the school context. JTAN would like to sincerely thank the presenters for giving up time out of their busy schedules to open the day.

JTAN would like to thank all teachers who assisted with the Year 10 Day. The day would not have been possible without your active participation and enthusiasm. We hope that this experience enhanced your students' learning experience as well as boosted their motivation to continue their Japanese studies. Once again, thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

The Committee would also like to thank Monica Wei for her wonderful expertise in the organization of the day. Without her dedication, the day would not have as successful as it was. A HUGE thank you from all of us.

The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Speech Contest

This year is the 40th Japanese Language Speech Contest. The NSW State Final will be held on Saturday 19 September at the Japan Foundation multipurpose room. We would like to encourage as many learners of Japanese as possible to participate for their chance to win a trip to Japan! For more information and to download guidelines, handy hints for students, classroom ideas and videos of last year's winners, please visit the website: http://www.jpf.org.au/speechcontest/index.html

Enjoy the break and make sure you all get some well-earned rest!

Aaron McLuckie
JTAN Communications Officer

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