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May 2009 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

We hope everyone had a restful and rejuvenating break and are sure everyone is straight back into the swing of things with report and assessment time looming.

Extension In-service

The Extension in-service, held on 2nd May, was an outstanding professional development opportunity for all 44 participating teachers.

JTAN would like to sincerely thank Françoise Reeves-Smith, an experienced teacher of French, who presented a session on filmic technique questions in the HSC context, as well as linking them to the prescribed issues. Françoise's knowledge and expertise are invaluable and we thank her greatly for her dedication in supporting Japanese teachers.

Naoko Henschke presented a session on preparing students on how to approach the monologue section of the HSC. This was a very informative session and enabled teachers to have greater insight into this section of the examination.

Mami Izuishi's presentation on different approaches to the Reading and Responding section of the course was interesting and extremely useful. The main focus of the session was presenting logical and coherent arguments.

Yasu Abe's presented an informative and constructive session on how to approach the Writing section of the new course. This session once again was fantastic and enabled teachers to have a greater insight into this section of the examination.

All teachers who attended the in-service received a CD, which contained an amazing amount of resources. JTAN would like to sincerely thank all who contributed to this fantastic in-service.

Exam Orders

To avoid disappointment it is essential that orders for all examination papers be received no later than 22nd May 2009. Late orders will be accepted, however, they will incur a late fee of $50 per examination paper.

JTAN would like to inform members the cost of special production of any JTAN examination from earlier years than those listed on the examination application form are $80 per exam.

We also request that when members send in application forms that they are accompanied with payment and that all forms are filled in correctly.

JTAN Workshops

All members should now have received an application form for the workshops that JTAN will be holding this year. This year we will be running a Year 10 Day, Year 12 Beginners Day and Year 12 Continuers Day. Applications these workshops are due on Friday 8th May.

Outstanding Cheques

JTAN requests that any members that have been issued cheques, that they cash these cheques as soon as possible. If you have misplaced a cheque issued by JTAN, and require us to reissue a new cheque, unfortunately we will have to pass on the $12 cancellation fee to members that we are charged by the bank.

Japanese HSC Examination Dates

Below are the dates for all 2009 Japanese HSC Examinations

Oral Examination - Saturday 12th September, 9.00am to 4.00pm
Written Examination - Tuesday, 3 November, 2.00 pm to 4.40 pm

Oral Examination - Saturday 29th August, 9.00am to 4.00pm
Written Examination - Thursday 29th October, 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Oral Examination - Saturday 5th September, 9.00am to 4.00pm
Written Examination - Wed 11th November, 1.55pm to 3.55pm

Background Speakers
Written Examination - Wed 21st October, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Scholarships for teachers and students

The following are links where you are able to find information regarding scholarships to Japan for students and teachers.


The 2010 ELTF Application Pack, as well as general information about the Endeavour program, is available on-line at:

Request for websites

Lizzie Chase, Review Coordinator for the School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, would like to hear from teachers who can recommend excellent websites to support Japanese for students and teachers, to be reviewed in the Scan teacher librarians journal resource review program.

Reason for collecting recommended websites

The recommended websites will end up in Scan, in HSC Online and in the resource reviews database for teachers at http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/resourcereviews/

Any excellent websites for Year 9 students will end up supporting the laptop rollout. Please email any suggestions to elizabeth.chase@det.nsw.edu.au. Thank you in advance for recommending your favourites!! You will be making excellent online resources widely available!!

Enjoy the rest of the term,

Aaron McLuckie
JTAN Communications Officer

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