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November 2009 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

We trust that you had a restful and rejuvenating break and you are ready for another busy term.

New President's Welcome

 JTAN  First of all, on behalf of the JTAN committee and all its members, I would like to thank Leanne Smith, the outgoing JTAN president, for her endless dedication and commitment for JTAN in the past year. Her contribution to our organisation has been invaluable and I have always admired her abundant energy and enthusiasm for the language. Once again, thank you Leanne for your work during your presidency. We really appreciate your expertise and passion and look forward to your ongoing support for our wonderful organisation.

Secondly, I sincerely thank all JTAN members present at the last AGM meeting held at MLC, Burwood for your support and confidence in me to fulfil the role as President of JTAN. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cathleen Jin. I have been teaching Japanese for 11 years. I currently teach at Cranbrook School, Bellevue Hill. I am not as technically savvy as Leanne nor have wealth of experience as many of the JTAN members. However, I am a strong believer in networking and strengthening through contribution and sharing. I must admit I feel quite proud as a Japanese teacher when I hear from other language teachers that they are always amazed by the collegiality and the generosity of resource sharing among the Japanese teachers.

Lastly, I look forward to the remainder of 2009 and 2010 working closely with the JTAN committee members; Naoko Henschke, Elizabeth Sugimoto, Ken Gillespie, Monica Wei, Kyoko Kusumoto, Teruko Sharif and Aaron McLuckie. If you have any suggestions and ideas please let us know and once again, thank you for your membership.

Outgoing President's Report

I would like to thank all JTAN members for the opportunity to have worked as your president this past year. I sincerely thank all the members of the Committee and Sub Committees for their contribution to JTAN. JTAN could not grow without their generosity of time, energy and dedication.

I would also like to acknowledge the members of JTAN. It is the active membership of any organisation that makes it strong. Thank you to those members who so generously share their resources on our website. Thank you for participating in our workshops with such enthusiasm. I thank all members who met deadlines in applying for exams and workshops. Deadlines are set to streamline the workload for the committee.

I welcome Cathleen Jin as our new President, whom we all admire for her professionalism and inspiration. I know Cathleen will lead the new committee well and I look forward to what the next year brings.

I would finally like to acknowledge those members who took the time throughout the year to express their gratitude for JTAN's work. JTAN Committee members are normal classroom teachers, who dedicate much time and effort in organising JTAN on top of their normal teaching loads and work commitments. The honoraria received by these selfless teachers are small, and so the thanks they receive are worth a lot. Thank you!

Leanne Smith
The Outgoing President


The AGM was held on 24th October, at MLC School, Burwood, where JTAN's direction for 2010 was discussed and the new committee members elected. The new committee members are as follows:

President: Cathleen Jin (Cranbook School)
Vice President: Naoko Henschke (Kambala)
Secretary: Elizabeth Sugimoto (NSBHS)
Treasurer (Payments): Ken Gillespie (Fort Street High School)
Treasurer (Receipts): Monica Wei (St Aloysius' College)
Exam Director (Beg): Kyoko Kusumoto (Santa Sabina College)
Exam Director (Cont & Ext): Teruko Sharif
Communications Officer: Aaron McLuckie (MLC School)

The new committee and all JTAN members would like to sincerely thank the 2008-2009 committee members for their dedication to JTAN and Japanese teaching.

The new committee is looking forward to working with all members in the coming year. If you have any questions, requests, ideas or enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the Secretary at PO Box 419, Belrose 2085 or email enquire@jtan.org.au.

The minutes of the AGM and contact details of the new committee members have been uploaded to the website (www.jtan.org.au)

A big congratulations to Eri Hammond who won the fantastic return airline economy class ticket to Japan. Enjoy!!

Outgoing President
Leanne Smith
2010 Committee
B(L-R): Aaron McLuckie, Teruko Sharif, Monica Wei, Ken Gillespie.
F(L-R): Liz Sugimoto, Kyoko Kusumoto, Cathleen Jin, Naoko Henschke

JTAN Examinations

Hopefully you all found the examinations that are produced by JTAN to be useful. We would appreciate any feedback that you have about the exams. We encourage you to send us your feedback, both positive and negative, so that we can amend to the process, which will ensure that the exams continue to remain at a high standard.

Teacher Essentials Workshop

JTAN would like to thank those members who have applied to attend this workshop. Unfortunately, applications for the workshop have closed. Members who have applied will receive further information about the workshop in the near future.

JTAN Technology Workshop

The Technology Workshop held in conjunction with the AGM on Saturday 24th October, was an outstanding professional development opportunity for all 60 participating teachers.

JTAN would like to sincerely thank all presenters for their expertise in utilising information communication technologies in the Japanese classroom. Leanne Smith presented a session on utilising wikis. Andrew Jepperson looked at using vokis to enhance student engagement and motivation. Cathleen Jin presented a session on Interactive Whiteboards and Liberty Campbell presented an informative session on the 'Amazing Race' in the Japanese classroom.

As this workshop was hands-on, hopefully all attendees have now gained a greater understanding of how to incorporate technology effectively in their teaching and learning programs.

Teruko Sharif, Kyoko Rodgers and Naoko Henschke discovering the wonders of technology.

Workshop requirements and ideas

JTAN is in the process of planning workshops and activities for 2010. It is vital that these activities meet JTAN members' professional development needs. If you have any suggestions for workshops, please send them to enquire@jtan.org.au.

Proposed Events Calendar for 2010

JTAN is proposing to run the following events in 2010.

Date Workshop Held at
Sat 5th Dec 2009 'Teacher Essentials Workshop' for TEACHERS Japan Foundation
Sat 6th Feb 2010 Year 12 Extension Workshop for STUDENTS and TEACHERS Barker College
Sat 12th June 2010 Year 12 Continuers Day for STUDENTS NSBHS
Thurs 22nd July 2010 Year 10 Day for STUDENTS Sydney University
Sat 24th July 2010 Year 12 Beginners Day for STUDENTS TBA
Sat 16th Oct 2010 AGM Workshop TBA

Chaperone Required

A message from Sue Spencer from Student Exchanges:

We are a high school student exchange organisation here in Sydney that sends students to Japan each year on 2, 3 5 & 10 month exchange programs. We also receive 5 & 10 month students from Japan. We recently developed a program called "Group Study Tours" which goes to a few countries including Japan. The first program will depart on 30th November and return on 21st December this year. As it is only a new program, we only have four students for this tour but we require a chaperone to accompany the students. We are working with a long time partner of Student Exchange Australia called CIEE, which is located in Tokyo. The link to the program is as follows: http://studentexchange.org.au/group-study-tours/japan/

The students will be staying at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo for the three weeks and will receive 3 hours of language classes 5 times a week. They will also visit various tourist landmarks during the tour. The chaperone's role is to stay with the students at the Center and to be on hand to assist the students and liaise with CIEE staff during the three weeks. The chaperone would be expected to participate in the activities with the students and to be a leader. The chaperone's airfare, accommodation and meals at the Center will be covered by Student Exchange Australia. We will also pay the chaperone $500 per week. The chaperone isn't required to be in the classes with the students all the time but does need to be close by or on hand if necessary.

We are now looking for a person to take on this role and wondered if you might know of someone who would like to accompany the four students. A similar tour went from the USA to Tokyo in August through CIEE and was highly successful.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Sue Spencer | Program Manager | Student Exchange Australia | PO Box 1420, Mona Vale, NSW, 1660 | T: + 61 2 9997 0700 | F: + 61 2 9997 0701 | W: www.studentexchange.org.au

Japanese Research Survey

We are conducting research about learning Japanese at High School in NSW and are looking for people with a Japanese family background to complete an online survey.

If you have a Japanese family background and either:

  • are currently in Years 11 or 12 in High School in NSW; OR
  • have finished high school in NSW sometime in the last 10 years,

we would like you to complete the survey so that we can collect information about your experiences of learning Japanese.

The survey will take you about 20-30 minutes and all your responses are anonymous. If you have friends or family who fit into one of the two groups, could you please also pass on this information about the survey to them. We would like to collect information from as many people as possible. To start the survey, click on this link: http://surveys.uts.edu.au/index.cfm?surveyid=4830

At the end of the survey, there is a Finish button to click on to submit your answers. If you have any problems completing this survey, please contact us at: japanese.research@uts.edu.au

We greatly appreciate your time and assistance with this project.

Susan Oguro (UTS) & Robyn Moloney (Macquarie University)

JTAN 2010 Membership

In January, all members will be receiving a 2010 membership package. This package will include membership application forms, examination order forms, Yr12 day application forms and workshop information.

Could all members please ensure that they read this information carefully to avoid disappointment? Can members also be reminded that when they complete the application form that they fill in ALL sections clearly, particularly email addresses?

Enjoy the term,

Aaron McLuckie
JTAN Communications Officer

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Past Newsletters